Hekate’s Daughter Tara

October 7, 2008

Tonight brings word that an old friend, separated by the exigencies of life, health and the way the world works, is nearing death. She is a daughter of Hekate, so I know that her mother waits for her with open arms. From the sound of things, the last few years have not been easy, so this passing is likely to be a blessing.

My heart feels the ache, even knowing that this passing will be to a good place. But then isnt that what they say? that funerals at least, are for the living. We, who must stay behind and cope with the holes in our lives that are shaped like our loved ones and friends, we must find ways to grieve and go on. Even with so much time between us, I can remember my friend’s beautiful black hair and her elegant figure. Her wisdom and her strong opinions 🙂 I suspect thatI was too young to appreciate her presence in my life while our lives had time to intermingle, but I am glad for the time we had. As I am glad for the time and friendship I had with her husband who introduced us. (ah… so easy to get whistfull and maudline in posts like these, so I think I will stop there!)

May she rest well in her mothers arms when the gates finally open and the crossing is complete. And may she return to us when the time is right and her energy is renewed.


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