We’re having a sale!

October 30, 2008

If you ever wanted to buy a Silver Kitsune Necklace (my business partner’s stuff) or Sacred Seeds (my stuff)  Altar Doll now is the time!!  Mirth and Reverence (our joint company)  is having its first ever Etsy Shop Sale!!

Egyptian Rope, multi strand seed bead necklace by Jamie Morgan/Silver Kitsune

Its the Fabulous Samhain SALE!
Thursday October 30th thru Lunar Samhain/Election Day Tuesday November 4th! Everything in the Shop is 25% off! All the new prices are already listed and ready for your shopping pleasure!

And – just to entice you even further… Sir EJ the Flaming Fire Horse is now up on Etsy and even at the Sale Price!!

Come Visit the Mirth & Reverence shop on Etsy to see all the great deals!

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell everyone!!!


6 Responses to “We’re having a sale!”

  1. I love that horse! I mean, I really love that horse.

  2. Thanks! he was a pill to work on – giving me alllll kinds of attitude about what he wanted, but it was worth it in the end 😉 dolls – so picky!

    I just finished up one of the two earth horses I have planned. Once I get him photographed I will get him up on etsy… he’s very different… all sand and stone.


  3. I like how you are using those plastic molds, hideous things my sisters and I played with as little kids before we got the real things. You transform them into a true work of art. Really fun. Are you using glues for the beads on the body? If yes, what type of glue?

  4. thanks. A friend of mine is a yard sale freak and saw these horses there and thought I might like to play with them – which of course was very true!

    Its a lot of fun to look at the form and wonder what I can do with it and how I can morph the figure to make it work. I have one in process that is going to be a Sea Horse so I had to take off one of its back legs to reconfigure it to make the tail stock… I love that kind of thing.

    The beads on the mane are hand sewn on to a patch of fabric I build on the spine. I liked the idea of having beaded hair to play with – its a great tactile experience. The shinny stuff on his nose and flanks is glitter that was applied with Elmer’s glue.

  5. Ah glitter! I get it. Yes, I can tolerate Elmer’s glue, too. You don’t happen to know of a glue stick that’s nontoxic, do you? Something maybe you’ve used? One of our flock was asking on Canary, she takes photos and makes greeting cards but is having bad reaction from the glue stick. I use Plaid brand ModPodge matte finish for sealing and gluing, esp collages, works well, pretty finish on top of paper.

    The beaded mane looks great, too, falls very nicely!

  6. I have not had much luck with glue sticks. I used them back before I got MCS and was doing projects with the boys… but they were so annoying that I haven’t bothered now that I am working on larger scale projects. Sorry!

    I recently started having problems with ModPodge – the ordor is stronger than I remembered – which is a really bummer because it is so versatile and I have a really big jar of it still to get through – figures!

    thanks. I have just started on a new project with more beaded hair – a goddess this time using smaller beads mixed with swarovsky crystals. She should be waaay cool once she is done!

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