Wiccan God and Goddess Altar Dolls

March 5, 2009

For the ritual my buisness partner Jamie and I wrote for PantheaCon 2009 I set myself the challenge of crafting the main god figures for the center altar. It took a while, but i managed to get them done just in time for the convention and the ritual!

Now that ritual is over they are for sale in our Artfire shop and I can show them off here! 🙂 The awesome photos are by Jamie (of course) who now has a whole bunch of her photography up in the shop by the way!

I’ve also been doing a little bit of writing for Artfire.com’s Art Daily. So far they have posted two of my pieces. One is a short article about how to create your own beaded doll head. The other is about how to be friends with people with allergies and chemical sensitivities (like me!) I hope you’ll swing by Artfire and take a look!




2 Responses to “Wiccan God and Goddess Altar Dolls”

  1. Aloha Kate, you’re such an inspiration. It’s great to hear you are feeling better and creative again. The dolls are beautiful! I love the bead hair and the paint. Thanks for the great article on MCS! Well done. xoxo

  2. […] and creative.  Kate at Sacred Seeds Weblog writes this week about two things: the joy of making Wiccan God and Goddess Altar Dolls after spending most of last year swimming through a molasses vat of MCS-related issues, and about […]

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