Hi all,

this blog and all of its content has moved to http://sacred-seeds.net/




5 Responses to “This page has moved”

  1. Wade@MacMorrighan.Net said

    Hey there! I found your Blog and noticed your entry for 2007 about Altars: https://sacredseeds.wordpress.com/2007/11/15/altars-and-altar-building/

    In the first image of a Lughnasadh altar are two stone horses of some sort. i was hoping you could tell me more about them (what they’re made of, or their origin), because I’d love to find something very similar for my own Lughnasadh Altar seeing as how the Goddess to whom I am dedicated and serve–An Morrighan–is also associated with horses, and horse races are popular during that Sabbat.

    Take care,

  2. I was wondering if you got most of “your” Demeter calendar from my book, “Mysteries of Demeter; Rebirth of the Pagan Way.” It appears that by most of it, you did. I wrote down what my sources were, and then added things to make it more complete. Those “things” and the dates, point to the idea that you lifted most of your calendar from my book without crediting me. So rather than call it “your” calendar, you might find a way to credit your sources.
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Reif

  3. Most of “your” Demeter calendar appears to be based on the calendar in my book, “Mysteries of Demeter.” Please credit me and my book title.
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Reif

  4. Read my book,
    “Mysteries of Demeter; Rebirth of the Pagan Way,
    Publisher – Weiser, 1999, by Jennifer Reif

  5. Jennifer – My apologies I had referenced you in the earlier post: https://sacredseeds.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/the-demetrian-wheel-of-the-year/ and apparently * completely* spaced on carrying that reference over to the follow up post. I am very sorry. Your book is what got me thinking about the wheel and its aspects as well as so other elements of how I think about Demeter, I refer people to it on a regular basis. It is a wonderful addition to any magical library and a great source book for work on Demeter.

    … This blog actually needs to get taken down because I’ve moved everything over to my Sacred-seeds.net site – but I will make the up dates to the pages over there momentarily.


    (lacking in all the old codes to this blog so I’m sigining in as a guest)

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